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Caroline Atkins, Owner ACE Embroidery
Caroline Atkins, Owner ACE Embroidery

About Atkins Creative Embroidery

Logan's own creative embroidery service

ACE Embroidery are brand marketing specialists for image conscious businesses wanting to improve their presence in the marketplace through highly visual clothing.

We concentrate on giving the best embroidery for people who want to make people feel special whether Apparel, Gifts, Heritage Coat of Arms or Banners.

Meet the owner

Hi, I'm Caroline Atkins, owner and brand strategist here at ACE Embroidery.

As an embroiderer, I've seen a lot of companies try to take advantage of this medium to build their brand – but it's not as simple as whacking a logo on a shirt or cap.

Successful brand building is all about the layering of consistent messages that cut through to your target audience, and encourage them to take action.

The appearance of yourself and your team, is of paramount importance to the strength of your brand – regardless of whether you're a one-man band or a large multi-national. Well fitting uniforms, promotional items or even just gifts for your existing clients, can all attribute to the impression that your team makes.

Contact me today to discuss some of the methods I've used to help my clients grow their brand.

~ Caroline

Sample Embroidery Work