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Embroidered Corporate Banners & Flags

Fabric art banners for music, school house banners, parade banners, sport banners, Military/Regimental, car flags, table cloth with corporate logo, church banners. Ask about your Family Crest or Coat of Arms on a custom banner. We can also organise to have it framed.

These are a few of the many things we can do so if you need to organise your banner or flag get in touch now - we have special prices for special people.

Prices on special design banners will depend upon complexity of the design. With embroidery we are able to give full detail that no applique or print will do and to offer lifetime guarantee unless the design is changed.

We use 100% polyester fabric with an amazing range of colour samples to choose from and our fresh banner cloth is dry cleanable to keep it looking new all year round. Fully embroidered one of a kind design available in 500 denier nylon and 100% Polyester, Satin, Triloble, Cotton material.

We can add a touch of class to your:

  • School, House groups, Sporting teams and competitions
  • Corporate promotions
  • Your lectern, podium, pulpit or desk, Lecture theatre
  • Street parades, Special events
  • Any time you need to impress the players

Watch this video to find out more about
our banner and flag embroidery process

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Sample Embroidery Work

We are setting the pace presenting fully embroided corporate banners, school banners, corporate flags and school flags. Here are samples of our work. You can also see the most recent work on Facebook.

Manly State School Banner

Main Types of Banners

  • One sided and lined (most popular)
  • One sided no lining
  • Mirror image (this is not suitable for embroidery)
  • Two sided (reads correctly both sides)

Banner Shapes

Use these specifications to assist you in deciding the best dimensions for your banner.

When choosing your banner shape, you may use these specifications to assist you in deciding the best style in which to present it.

top-pocket-banner.jpgtbar-banner.jpgbanner-with-side-pockets.jpgbanner-with-top-side-pockets.jpg banner-with-eyelets.jpgbanner-ropes-top-bottom.jpg banner-top-eyelet.jpgbanner-top-bottom.jpg

Sizes for Embroidery

  • Flag badges from 80mm x 50mm and Logo’s
  • Largest size Logo or Emblem 480mm x 460mm.
  • In some cases Logos can be arranged on the embroidery machine. Just indicate what you need and we will do our best.
  • Text on a Flag or Banner can be laid up several times as in the illustration of the ”MIA” picture.

Embroidery Process

Embroidery machine stitching custom banner

From start to finish, our step by step process makes it easy and convenient for you:

  1. Send us the artwork of your logo or design:
    • A hand drawn image or photo can be used.
    • Note: The less we receive the more has to be done, which effect the costs.
    • Artwork needs to be 300 dpi resolution and in full colour size for digitising.
  2. Select flag or banner style, colours and quantity - there is no minimum order.

  3. We will review your design, identify any issues and provide you with a price quotation.

  4. Once you approve the quote, we send you a JPG of the final design for approval. Let us know if any changes are required.

  5. Once you approve the final design - please allows 3-4 weeks delivery.

Tips on design: Thinking about the potential end use for your banner or flag might just be the most important step in the design process. The answers you get will unlock the information you’ll need to specify the proper materials, design techniques and more.